If you’re a regular fisherman, you probably have all kinds of tricks and techniques that you’ve picked up over the years. But were they specifically aimed at catching the big kahuna? A successful haul isn’t necessarily the same as the biggest one, so if you’re ready to increase your haul even if it means changing your habits, here are just four tips for catching larger fish.

1. Research Your Prey

The best time to fish for muskies is at night. The best way to snag a sturgeon is to look for ripples in fast currents. Every fish has its own unique tastes, weaknesses and general characteristics, so if you know for a fact that your lake has a particular fish population, look into ways to catch them specifically. A targeted approach is always better than a general one.

2. Mind Your Bait

Different bait will catch different fish. There can also be different ways to deliver that bait for the best chance of success. For example, lake trout prefer dry, wounded flies on the surface of the water more than dead ones that are already submerged, so if you’re looking to catch monster lake trout, stock up on live flies. It’s an investment that will pay off.

3. Get Better Equipment

There’s no use in attracting 30-pounders if you can’t actually reel them in with your weak and flimsy fishing rod. Speaking of rods, they aren’t the only things that you’ll need to upgrade; you’ll also require larger nets, rigs, leaders and hooks. Again, it helps to know the exact type of fish that you’ll be going after if you want to get the best equipment for it.

4. Be Creative

Don’t be afraid to try weird and outside-of-the-box suggestions from veteran fishermen. If someone says that they caught a gigantic bass by using greasy chicken necks as bait, what does it hurt to try it? If someone swears by cheddar cheese to attract catfish, why not sacrifice a taco’s worth and see what happens? What seems insane today might turn into a piece of advice that you pass on tomorrow.

These are just a few things to keep in mind the next time that you’re on the water. Whether you’re fishing for pleasure, leisure or just dinner, let these tips serve you in your efforts to haul in bigger and better seafood.

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Last Modified: February 14, 2017