Don’t wait for a bridal shower or baby shower to get the gals together for a weekend getaway! Book one now. Follow these recommendations from the travel professionals and your trip is sure to be a great success. Four gals can easily manage the planning for a weekend getaway.  Decide if your destination is mountains, beach or city and if you’ll be flying or driving.  Driving in one car is by far the most economical way to travel. This will allow room in the budget for nice accommodations and fun activities and dining while you’re away on your weekend.

If you’re driving to the beach or mountains, consider renting a two bedroom home or condominium. This will lend itself to long lazy mornings with lots of coffee and evening glasses of wine without the worry of driving.  It’s strongly recommended to book you restaurant reservations prior to your departure.  Waiting in line for hours on a Saturday is a total buzz kill for a girl’s weekend.  If you’re fortunate enough to be staying close to a nice spa, use your Groupon coupons and book a group massage. This will no doubt be a highlight of your weekend!  Rest, relaxation and a bit of pampering are no doubt on the agenda for the weekend!

While spontaneity is always great fun, plan to take a tour of a local attraction, explore a park or discover hidden gems in the city.  This is a weekend of making memories and the fun and unexpected will always add to the excitement.  Leave your worries at home and know this is a time to reconnect with great friends in a fun setting.  Take advantage of your time together and leave your worries at home. Have a grand time on your girls weekend away!

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Last Modified: November 1, 2016